Flight Of the Troubadour

Space Grues are way worse
Scientists can't leave well enough alone.

The crew of the troubadour lands on the Allison Crane research station to find it basically derelict. The Brass Destiny away team has already disembarked and has began to ransack the facility, but they’re in for more than just one surprise as the Bioweapon from our last adventure has apparently been replicated, reproduced, and released! A big chunk of the research station is gone, big chunks of the research staff’s bodies are gone, and these new bioweapons apparently want to reach get going to Earth for some reason. Our heroes contend with attacks from two sides as the Allison Crane floats dead in space.

From Smash and Grab to Drop and Dash
The second mission of The Troubadour begins

After about a week of revelry from their first mission, the crew of the Troubadour contacts Harker for their next mission; a supply run… in the middle of a revolution in a neighboring system. The simplicity of a small courier service is sliced short however when Dean Harker drops the team out of B-Space by activating an emergency B-Space gate protocol, dumping the Troubadour back in real space for an emergency communique.

“Drop cargo and change course!” Dean Harker has recieved a distress call from one of the Trallis Oligarchs own research stations, and the Troubadour is the best one to respond. (By best we mean closest.) The ship reorients and is on it’s way, but is intercepted by a rival Troubleshooter frigate “Brass Destiny” outside the research station. Deep in a Nebula surrounding a white dwarf star, the two ships have a brief skirmish, but when the Brass Destiny loses their weapon systems to expert shots from the Troubadour, they’re forced to land in the station, which hasn’t responded to hails…

Beating Blue and Black.
From the ocean to space.

Deep in the bowels of Submersible Research Station 4, the crew of the Troubadour shoots their way back to their frigate. Saffron, free from stasis lock thanks to Nom Xamor, finds the opportunity to return the favor as Nom Xamor is paralyzed by the very bioweapon he sought to befriend. Dragging her comrade into the next room, the moonpool of the submarine, she lucks upon an amphibious mech. Seeing a way out, she loads herself in, Nom drapped on her lap as the bioweapon appears at the doorway! Saffron however easily dispatches the adolescent abomination as its underdeveloped claws are not enough to pierce the tactical vanadium armor on the machine. Unfortunately her clumsy attempts to contain the creature alive are in vain, and she must slay the beast for the sake of the mission.

Swimming out from under the heavily damaged research station the Troubadour picks them up. In an act of vengeance, Captain Manstein orders the vessel destroyed, and sinks the facility. The above battle cruiser more concerned with rescue operations must hold position above the planet and dispatch aid while the Troubadour cruises to the other side of the planet and B-spaces out.

Dean Harker welcomes the crew back and debriefs them, rewarding them with a substantial ship allocation fund (minus a small fine for destroying the research facility against orders) and awarding one credit towards vessel emancipation.

Nom Xamor did WHAT?!
Tried to reason with the bioweapon it looks like.

Having evaded capture… mostly, the crew of the Troubadour attempts to regroup. Captain and crew formulate a plan to salvage the situation aboard the submersible as the seabased bioweapon subject secreted aboard the research station is still out of grasp as well as Saffron. Liam 2474 manages to engineer out ship schematics before the main computer is simply shut down. Technosavant Aisling slips out of slumber aboard the space ship and shuts down the particle cannon array of the ship with the help of Gluconicus, the helix warrior, who succinctly socks each weapon.

Liam ’75, Captain Manstein, and Sergeant Preston make their way into the heart of the submarine in an attempt to actually carry out the mission parameters, but are embroiled in a fire fight half way down.

And Nom Xamor sneaks into the very bowels of the ship, discovering the bioweapon itself, in addition to Saffron! Saffron is freed, but not before arousing the attention the waiting guard outside the stasis tank room. “Thinking” quickly, Xamor activates a bioweapon and attempts to convince it of it’s humanity, despite it’s monstrous form. The beast demonstrates it’s free will with it’s claws, poisoning Nom. When the guards enter, they spring into action blasting the monster, but to little effect as their concussion rifles only seem anger it.

With an active Bioweapon thrashing about, an active firefight just one floor up, and as Liam ’74 discovers, an active Battle cruiser above everyone involved, the trouble just keeps stacking for the crew of the Troubadour!

Knee Deep in Water, Neck High in Trouble
Plasma Pistols and Deep Sea Submersibles. What Could Go Wrong?

The crew of the Troubadour tries to sweet talk it’s way into the submarine research facility. Some are more successful than others. Saffron the consort finds herself all the way into the Captains quarters, while Liam 2745 (Forty-five) carries a box of Violet Rations to the supply hold. The cook of the submersible base becomes irate when the order of real food doesn’t come through. A little persuasion from Nom Xanom convinces the cook that this’ll be just fine for the moment. On their way to deposit the meager shipment Liam 2744 foolishly broadcasts an obvious request for forged documents over the ships com. The signal detected and decoded, the sub goes into high alert.

In the resulting fire fight Liam 2744 (Forty-Four) manages to redeem himself winning a high tech game of King of the Hill with the research facility main computer, breaking the main cargo elevator and nearly a dozen enemy troops inside. James Preston holds the ships Airlock, but not before blowing holes in the landing bay dome, triggering an emergency blow, and raising the sub. When he gets the bright idea to use the ships Point Defense System to knock out a single guard, he finds that the system can only target the sub (which he is inside) and decides that’s good enough, ruining the landing pad and slagging the dome. Saffron and Forty-five find their way into the sub’s Jeffries tubes taking the chefs hostage. Saffron drops in on two scientists who stun her and take her prisoner, while Forty-five runs the other way, eventually blasting his way through the roof of the submarine. Nom scurries off after dazing a guard into the tubes as well, emerging in an unoccupied room below.

Now everyone’s in a full scramble as the base has tried to contact for more support, while the crew of the Troubadour tries not only to complete their mission, but rescue Saffron as well.

Bastard Captains and Blue Planets

The heroes, having completed their “Independant Troubleshooter” training find themselves challenged right out of the starport by rival squad leader Gregorin Chyan. He proposes a race to the boundary of the local debris field. His bravado proved hollow however, as Captain Steve Manstein and his resourceful crew handily trounced a ship of equal measure.

This first challenge met, the crew then embarked on its first mission. Their charge: Recover a bioweapon from a neighboring empire. Despite the fact that they took off with an empty cargo hold while their cover was a supply mission, they make contact and land at the enemy research station; a nearly 2 kilometer long submarine! Negotiating with the guards, the landing pad of the submarine closes over the ship and submerges. It occurs to our heroes that “The Troubadour” is not amphibious…


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