Flight Of the Troubadour

Bastard Captains and Blue Planets

The heroes, having completed their “Independant Troubleshooter” training find themselves challenged right out of the starport by rival squad leader Gregorin Chyan. He proposes a race to the boundary of the local debris field. His bravado proved hollow however, as Captain Steve Manstein and his resourceful crew handily trounced a ship of equal measure.

This first challenge met, the crew then embarked on its first mission. Their charge: Recover a bioweapon from a neighboring empire. Despite the fact that they took off with an empty cargo hold while their cover was a supply mission, they make contact and land at the enemy research station; a nearly 2 kilometer long submarine! Negotiating with the guards, the landing pad of the submarine closes over the ship and submerges. It occurs to our heroes that “The Troubadour” is not amphibious…



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