Flight Of the Troubadour

Beating Blue and Black.

From the ocean to space.

Deep in the bowels of Submersible Research Station 4, the crew of the Troubadour shoots their way back to their frigate. Saffron, free from stasis lock thanks to Nom Xamor, finds the opportunity to return the favor as Nom Xamor is paralyzed by the very bioweapon he sought to befriend. Dragging her comrade into the next room, the moonpool of the submarine, she lucks upon an amphibious mech. Seeing a way out, she loads herself in, Nom drapped on her lap as the bioweapon appears at the doorway! Saffron however easily dispatches the adolescent abomination as its underdeveloped claws are not enough to pierce the tactical vanadium armor on the machine. Unfortunately her clumsy attempts to contain the creature alive are in vain, and she must slay the beast for the sake of the mission.

Swimming out from under the heavily damaged research station the Troubadour picks them up. In an act of vengeance, Captain Manstein orders the vessel destroyed, and sinks the facility. The above battle cruiser more concerned with rescue operations must hold position above the planet and dispatch aid while the Troubadour cruises to the other side of the planet and B-spaces out.

Dean Harker welcomes the crew back and debriefs them, rewarding them with a substantial ship allocation fund (minus a small fine for destroying the research facility against orders) and awarding one credit towards vessel emancipation.



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