Flight Of the Troubadour

From Smash and Grab to Drop and Dash

The second mission of The Troubadour begins

After about a week of revelry from their first mission, the crew of the Troubadour contacts Harker for their next mission; a supply run… in the middle of a revolution in a neighboring system. The simplicity of a small courier service is sliced short however when Dean Harker drops the team out of B-Space by activating an emergency B-Space gate protocol, dumping the Troubadour back in real space for an emergency communique.

“Drop cargo and change course!” Dean Harker has recieved a distress call from one of the Trallis Oligarchs own research stations, and the Troubadour is the best one to respond. (By best we mean closest.) The ship reorients and is on it’s way, but is intercepted by a rival Troubleshooter frigate “Brass Destiny” outside the research station. Deep in a Nebula surrounding a white dwarf star, the two ships have a brief skirmish, but when the Brass Destiny loses their weapon systems to expert shots from the Troubadour, they’re forced to land in the station, which hasn’t responded to hails…



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