Flight Of the Troubadour

Knee Deep in Water, Neck High in Trouble

Plasma Pistols and Deep Sea Submersibles. What Could Go Wrong?

The crew of the Troubadour tries to sweet talk it’s way into the submarine research facility. Some are more successful than others. Saffron the consort finds herself all the way into the Captains quarters, while Liam 2745 (Forty-five) carries a box of Violet Rations to the supply hold. The cook of the submersible base becomes irate when the order of real food doesn’t come through. A little persuasion from Nom Xanom convinces the cook that this’ll be just fine for the moment. On their way to deposit the meager shipment Liam 2744 foolishly broadcasts an obvious request for forged documents over the ships com. The signal detected and decoded, the sub goes into high alert.

In the resulting fire fight Liam 2744 (Forty-Four) manages to redeem himself winning a high tech game of King of the Hill with the research facility main computer, breaking the main cargo elevator and nearly a dozen enemy troops inside. James Preston holds the ships Airlock, but not before blowing holes in the landing bay dome, triggering an emergency blow, and raising the sub. When he gets the bright idea to use the ships Point Defense System to knock out a single guard, he finds that the system can only target the sub (which he is inside) and decides that’s good enough, ruining the landing pad and slagging the dome. Saffron and Forty-five find their way into the sub’s Jeffries tubes taking the chefs hostage. Saffron drops in on two scientists who stun her and take her prisoner, while Forty-five runs the other way, eventually blasting his way through the roof of the submarine. Nom scurries off after dazing a guard into the tubes as well, emerging in an unoccupied room below.

Now everyone’s in a full scramble as the base has tried to contact for more support, while the crew of the Troubadour tries not only to complete their mission, but rescue Saffron as well.



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