Flight Of the Troubadour

Nom Xamor did WHAT?!

Tried to reason with the bioweapon it looks like.

Having evaded capture… mostly, the crew of the Troubadour attempts to regroup. Captain and crew formulate a plan to salvage the situation aboard the submersible as the seabased bioweapon subject secreted aboard the research station is still out of grasp as well as Saffron. Liam 2474 manages to engineer out ship schematics before the main computer is simply shut down. Technosavant Aisling slips out of slumber aboard the space ship and shuts down the particle cannon array of the ship with the help of Gluconicus, the helix warrior, who succinctly socks each weapon.

Liam ’75, Captain Manstein, and Sergeant Preston make their way into the heart of the submarine in an attempt to actually carry out the mission parameters, but are embroiled in a fire fight half way down.

And Nom Xamor sneaks into the very bowels of the ship, discovering the bioweapon itself, in addition to Saffron! Saffron is freed, but not before arousing the attention the waiting guard outside the stasis tank room. “Thinking” quickly, Xamor activates a bioweapon and attempts to convince it of it’s humanity, despite it’s monstrous form. The beast demonstrates it’s free will with it’s claws, poisoning Nom. When the guards enter, they spring into action blasting the monster, but to little effect as their concussion rifles only seem anger it.

With an active Bioweapon thrashing about, an active firefight just one floor up, and as Liam ’74 discovers, an active Battle cruiser above everyone involved, the trouble just keeps stacking for the crew of the Troubadour!



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