The Troubadour

The ship


The ship: Troubador

Type: Light
Subtype Frigate
Flat Footed defense 7
Hardness 20 (Polymeric)
Hit Points 1200
Size Gargantuan (-6)
Tac Speed 3k (6 sq) (Thrusters, Fusion Torch)
Length 80
Weight 1000 tons
Class 1 Sensors
Targeting System (+2 to hit)
Crew 4
Passenger Capacity 24
Cargo Capacity 30 tons (50*40*30)
Grapple 17, Grapplers
5 subspace torpedoes

Equipment: Damage Control 2d10, Point Defense 2d12*10
Communications: Radio Transciever, Drive transciever
Weapons: 2 Quadlinked Heavy Lasers 16d8, Variable Warhead Missle Launcher (2 dozen KE submunitions 4d12) 2 Particle Beams 12d8

ship money: 9600


“The Troubadour” is a light frigate model favorited by those who want to get into space and get back out again but probably won’t. This particular model sports 2 quad linked lasers, because the local empire got them cheap. Two particle cannons make up the main punch, and a VMLS adds versatility. Relatively light armor means while the ship can dish it out, it may not do so well at taking it.

Manufacturer: Coretech
Model: Euphonium
Designation: The Troubadour
Current Owner: Steve Manheim

The Troubadour

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