ARM-4 Amphibious Research Mech

Aquatic environment exploration and subject retrieval mech unit.


Arm4 mechresize
ARM-4 Amphibious Research Mech
Large (-1 defense, 100 bonus HP, 7 equipment slots, speed 30, Height 12’, 1500lbs)
Armor: Vanadium (Hardness 20)
Cockpit (Torso, Head)
Thunderbolt Shock Rod (Arm 6d6)
Amphibian Pack(Back)
Class 2 Sensor System


The ARM-4 Amphibious Research Mech was developed for the express purpose of examining and retrieving high interest/value targets on aquatic planets. It’s improvements on the previous models were fashioned after feedback from scientists on Submersible Research Station 4, currently based on planet M-3-CCFA (colloquially known as Blue Mouth). Previous models turned out to have insufficient armor to cope with both the water pressures and larger creatures on “Blue Mouth” and the inclusion of a Class 2 sensor eliminated navigational problems at higher depths as well. The decision to use melee range weaponry was made given the difficulty with aiming many pilots had versus the dark at depth, and undetectable water currents.

ARM-4 Amphibious Research Mech

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