Cyberdefense software suite

Software designed to hinder hacking.


Cyberdefense Software Suite
Purchase DC 10+(Computer Use DC bonus) Licensed to Illegal

Adds 5 +1 to Computer Use DCs against any unauthorized user for each point added to the difficulty and +1 to computer use DC’s for authorized users per 7 points of difficulty. CSS with difficulty bonuses over 10 are restricted, 15 are military, and 20 are illegal. Maximum DC bonus 25


A software suite comprised of firewalls, ciphers, and at high end, low level AI’s designed to reduce the chance of a computer system being compromised by unauthorized users. These suites are produced by software companies for everything ranging from personal computer security to protecting the networks of dreadnoughts to securing the systems of pirates from intrusion. Unfortunately, with additional levels of security there inevitably comes a level of reduced functionality as the security systems bog down clockcycles, demand passwords, scan and filter net traffic, stop possibly exploitable programs, or simply deluge the user with the constant need to be reassured that you want to “Overwrite file?”

Cyberdefense software suite

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