Interdictor Torpedo

Slow missles

weapon (ranged)

Interdictor Torpedo
Purchase DC 43 Restricted (8 pack)
For targeting purposes treat this as a KE submunition missle.

A successful hit with an interdictor torpedo renders a target grappled for 4d4 turns. The target cannot take move actions and has a cruising speed of effectively zero. The target may spend a move action (as opposed to an attack action when it’s grappled by an actual ship) at a DC 27 pilot check with appropriate bonus from ship size (Huge +8, Gargantuan +12, Colossal +16) to break the “Grapple”.


Interdictor Torpedo are a special missle type fired by the VMLS. Developed for scenarios where the instalation of an entire tractor beam or grapple system may not be practical, these missles are designed to sequester a ship temporarily by creating an area of large stable gravity. Because this missle was developed to leave targets intact, the actual gravity output scales to the target and the field intensity accelerates at a rate much lower than a graviton weapon. A ships inertial dampeners are normally enough to negate the negative effects of the missle on the crew, but the output of the missle adjusts directly with the engine output of the target, nullifying acceleration for the duration of the missles’ lifetime.

Interdictor Torpedo

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