Subspace Torpedo

Warp Gate in a Can


Subspace Torpedo
Purchase DC 20 Liscenced

Firing a Subspace Torpedo is an attack action. Subspace Torpedo’s for the purposes of shoot down attempts have a defense of 15 (10 +5 speed) and 10 hit points.
Subspace Torpedo’s have a cruising speed of 5km and detonate at the beginning of the attackers turn once they are 10km away from any Large size metal object. The subspace rift occupies a 1 × 5 grid perpendicular to the attacker. The rift is stable for 300 rounds. This number decreases by 1d6 for each energy weapon fired into the rift, 1d4 for each projectile weapon, and 1d(Size Modifier Defense penalty) * 10 for each ship that enters the rift ( so a colossal ship is 1d8 * 10 for it’s -8 size modifier defense penalty). This number is maintained by the GM in secret.

A rift becomes detectably unstable if it has less than 100 rounds remaining in it’s duration.


Subspace Torpedo’s are widely recognized as the second safest, most reliable way to travel between the stars for the denizens of the Eighty Squabbling Empires (the first being the use of established warp gates) and are often a necessity for anyone with an adventurous spirit and a ship.
While fail safe systems (mandated by inventor and maintained by manufacturer) prevent this item from being used as a weapon, it is invaluable for quick getaways, provided it’s not shot down.

Subspace Torpedo

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