Equipment Houserules

The Eighty Squabbling Empires uses these modifications to D20 Modern/Futures purchase DCs.

To establish a characters starting cash, roll 1d20 plus the characters level. The character has cash equal to the result on table 7-16 in D20 Future. (For the flight of the Troubadour, all characters are assumed to have gotten 21, so 2750 credits.) The cost of an item is equal to 10 times it’s purchase DC times the restriction level of the item (1 for licensed, 2 for restricted, 3 for military and 4 for illegal).

The cost for Starship equipment requiring a hard point is 100 times the purchase DC. (So almost all weapons, grapplers and the like, but not necessarily all communications equipment, robots/droids, or targeting systems. Basically, anything requiring more on the outside of the ship than an appropriately sized satellite dish.)

The cost for a Starship Hull is 1000 times the purchase DC, and comes with no equipment.

Equipment Houserules

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