Flight Maneuvers

While in ship to ship combat, the following manuevers may be performed to alter the course battle in space.

Most maneuvers will extract their cost in movement phases, will be lateral shifts in stats, but will require no additional piloting roll, as long as the character has the requisite piloting skill. Otherwise there is the standard DC 14 check to execute these manuevers untrained.

Aileron Roll
Lateral thrusters are cranked to full burn, spinning the ship as fast as inertial dampeners can compensate. Targeting systems must take time to compensate for a geometry that seems to have become variable.
+2 defense against beam weapons, -2 to hit with beam weapons. Costs 1 movement phase.

Red Baron
While every civilisation capable of flight eventually produces someone famous for this trick, the human equivalent was just simply classier.
Establish one square of the map is sunward. Any player between his target and the local star may perform this manuever. +2 to Defense. Movement must end between the target and Star

Flight Maneuvers

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