Ship to Ship Hacking

Ship to Ship Hacking:

In order for a ship to be hacked, it must have an open comms channel, or similar wireless etwork service open. Base hack dc for any device with minimal security is computer use 20

This can be boosted by CSS software.

If an admin is on hand he adds his base computer use plus a defensive roll.
The hacker gains access to 1 system + 1 (roll 1d8 and consult the table.) more for every 5 points over the DC. The Hacker may declare which system to hack at an addtional -5. He may then send 1 command the following round.

The Admin must then save to kick the user out at the beginning of each round of cyber warfare. The save is the base computer use skill of the hacker + 10.

1 Comms
2 Defense
3 Engines
4 Sensors
5 Targeting
6 Weapons
7 Helm
8 Life support

Note that although the hacker may send 1 command per round, the time it takes to execute a command may be longer. Most actions that pose an obvious immediate detriment to a crew (such as shutting down life support or overloading engines) will require consecutive rounds of contiguous system access as the hacker must take the time to deactivate the myriad safety protocols that may be in place.

Ship to Ship Hacking

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